Welcome to Mystery Bots Studios. The home of news and information about each of our projects. As well as displaying out projects you can check out the blog for updates from us about events that are happening.

Among Us Bot

image-left Among Us Bot was the first bot released by Mystery Bots Studios and within 1 month grew to over 8 thousand Discord servers which was crazy and meant we had to rewrite the whole bot to a new API. Also In 13 days we got the bot verified which has allowed us to create a recognizable brand around the bot and provided people with a bot they can trust.
Visit the Bots website

TL Events

image-left TL Events or TheLoungeMC Events was a bot created for TheLoungeMCs Discord server for a Christmas Event. It involves randomly spawning a gift every 10-30 minutes. These gifts had different rarities which would reward users with a different amount of points. There were also some custom joke command that could be discovered by users which would either respond with a message or change the bots pfp for an hour (Called Cursed Hour). The bots code can be publicly found on our GitHub page or visited through the button below.
Visit the GitHub Repo