10k Servers for Among Us Bot

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10k servers As of today I am happy to announce that we finally hit 10k servers for Among Us Bot. This is an outstanding number of servers for what I considered would only be invited to a couple of my friends Discord servers.

The as some of you might know the main concept of the bot was just to mute and unmute a voice chat while me and my friends were playing. But as time progressed I ended up with adding a dead system which would prevent the bot from unmuting people who were set as dead as well as ways to change the prefix of the bot and with more plans in the works.

Along with hitting 10k servers we also have released a new website for Among Us Bot and also released this site for Mystery Bots Studios which allows us to bring you news and keep you up to date on all information regarding Mystery Bots Studios.

If you would like to help support Among Us Bot you can check out it’s website (Closed) and join the support server