1k Server Members

1 minute read

A while ago we manage to hit 1k members in the Among Us Bot support server. This is so amazing as I never expected it to really happen. Personally I want to thank the Support and Staff team that have helped in managing and supporting the community when I was either busy or away.

I also would like to thank you all for inviting the bot to over 26 thousand servers. While your constant support is appreciated, thank you especially to those who have brought premium which has helped with keeping the bot going and allowing me to expand to new systems.

While Among Us Bots updates won’t come out as often. It doesn’t mean I have stopped working on bots all together. Over the past month I have been planning away for the creation of a new more advance Discord bot that I plan to release sometime next year. Over the coming months you might see small glimpses of what is to come but likely not much will show up till a working release is complete.

I wish you all an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year and look forward to everything that is to come.
Thank you all