Among Us Bot Shutdown

1 minute read

Today I bring some sad news for the Mystery Bot Community. Due to limitations imposed by finances and also not earning any money from the bot, Among Us Bot will officially be shutdown from today. When I first created the bot I never expected it to bring me to where I am today. I have experienced so much and grown in my ability to code and manage bots. I hope to continue to work on discord bots but sadly Among Us Bots life has come to an end.

Due to the fact that Among Us Bot was used in over 30 thousand Discord servers was unreal. Personally I never expected it to grow to more than 20 servers.

To those who brought premium, thank you all so much. Your support allowed me to keep the bot going for a lot longer than I would have been able to.

To my staff team. You guys are amazing and stank you for the constant support in helping members with their problems and just allowing me to focus on work and my life.

So what comes next? Well I am currently working on a RPG bot when ever I get time with Arreme. Sadly both of us have been super busy and progress has pretty much stopped. Whether I keep working on it is unknown but I will not give up hope on it.

I hope you all have an amazing year and stay safe. While things might come to an end, there are always new things that can come from their memories.

One final note is that Among Us Bot will be removed from all servers over the coming days.