Welcome Arreme

1 minute read

Welcome to the first blog post of 2021 and today is an exiting day. We are officially welcoming Arreme to the development team for Mystery Bots Studios. Arreme's profile picture Arreme has been a good friend of mine and I hope that with brining them onto the development team we will be able to crate a bot that everyone will enjoy.

Along with him joining the team I am happy to announce two need things. One is that we will be starting work on a new bot called “Forina RPG”. While this bot isn’t expected to release any time soon. It will have a public beta hopefully towards the end of they year or the start of the next one (Please take this with a grain of salt). Forina RPG will provide players with a fun world to explore and a story to immerse you into it’s world.

The second exiting update is that with the development of a new bot being worked on, the Among Us Bot Discord will be changed to a more general styled Discord based around Mystery Bot Studios. So if you wish to join the community feel free to follow this link or click the Discord button at the bottom of the page.

That’s all for todays blog post but look out for the version Change logs that will allow you and your friends to stay up to date with our development progress